Authorized Service Agent  for Bose  Sound Systems
We are the New Zealand Authorized Service Agent  for Bose pro Sound Systems .
We  repair  all Bose Models for  Consumer and Professional Products warranty or non-warranty

Our service covers  the following Bose consumer products:
Lifestyle home theater systems all models
SoundDock and SoundTouch all models
Headphones all models
Companion Series PC speakers all models.
Our Service also covers  the following Bose professional products:
PA Systems Such as Bose L1  Series all models
Amplifiers all models
Loud Speakers all models
Sound Controllers and Mixers all models

At  SoundWave Services we follow high standards in repairing Bose Systems to meet all criteria that are set by Bose Corporation to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their repaired Bose System before they leave our service centre.

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